No Time to Lie: 10 Things That Must Happen For Daniel Craig’s Final Outing To Be Shaken Not Stirred

For all those reading this who aren’t old enough to drink: Yes, cocktails do taste better shaken rather than stirred. There’s a reason it’s been British Secret Service Agent James Bond’s preference of preparation since 1956. The same thing goes for storytelling—a good film subverts expectations rather than serve audiences the same old concoction. By introducing his gritter Bond in Casino Royale (2006), Daniel Craig brought 007 into the modern era without negating tenets of the franchise. However, there’s no denying that the fact that outings like Spectre (2015), while entertaining, relied a little too heavily on established tropes. 

The release of No Time to Die in US cinemas Friday marks Craig’s fifth and final outing as Bond. Thankfully (for the investors) it’s projected to set pandemic box office records. The film finished production back in 2019 and, after an onslaught of COVID-19-related delays, we finally get to see it. As the twenty-fifth Bond film overall, it’s not only tasked with sending Craig off into the sunset but, once again, setting a precedent for the future of the franchise. It must shake things up. Many online have already seen it, and good for them. For the record, critics are saying it isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid swan song. We’ll be the judge of that. Here are 10 things that must happen for Daniel Craig’s final outing to be shaken not stirred.

Fantastical locales are a given and silent henchmen need not apply. 

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures

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