Ranked! Our 10 Favorite Victoria’s Secret Models Being Stripped of Their Sexy Wings

After 25 wedgie-free years, Victoria’s Secret models are getting a corporate rebrand. The once-thriving lingerie behemoth is attempting to rescue its tattered public image after suffering dismal sales amidst the backlash of a changing social landscape. And the first thing Victoria’s Secret is cutting from its brand is the wings of its famous Angels.

Once dubbed the “Superbowl of Supermodels”, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show became a spectacle of scantily clad proportions, with world-famous models strutting their stuff in over-the-top lingerie nobody would ever wear IRL. Despite being a touch silly (with a heaping spoonful of excess), it catapulted the brand to the top of the world, where apparently Angels lived.

But what once made Victoria’s Secret the best-selling bra company on earth, has now become its undoing. Shifting public tastes have put more emphasis on body health and natural beauty, making the Angels (some of who would publicly brag about starving themselves before hitting the runway), the bane of current beauty and wellness trends.

As we say farewell to a quarter-century of supermodel madness, we remember our 10 favorite Victoria’s Secret models before they flutter off to the runway in the sky.

Cover Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

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