Joe Jonas Generates Buzz with New Coffee-Themed Celebrity Series ‘Cup of Joe’

Life may have done a total 180 on us over the last month or so thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but one routine we’re not giving up is our morning coffee. Though most of us can’t enjoy that java surrounded by friends and fellow caffeine addicts at cafes for now, we don’t have to indulge alone, either. That’s because Joe Jonas (of Jonas Brothers fame) has launched a new series called Cup of Joe, inspired by his Instagram account of the same name.

The eight-part series, which premiered on Quibi earlier this week, is part travelogue, part celebrity schmooze-fest, and part food and drinks tour. Each episode features Jonas in a different city with a big-time celebrity, exploring the local scene. Matthew McConaughey shows Jonas around Austin, Texas, Jack Black joins Jonas in Los Angeles, and Tina Fey spends a day with Jonas in the Big Apple, just to name a few stops and stars. Jonas also visits international destinations like London, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Paris.

“You often think you know about a certain place or a person until you take some time to dig deeper,” Jonas has said about the show. “I’m fortunate to get to travel around the world through my profession — and you often see me on the other side of the lens, but Cup of Joe is giving me the opportunity to dig a little deeper and point the lens at some of the world’s most interesting people…and some more of the weird, fun things I’m into.”

Given that most of us won’t be traveling for quite some time, this is just the televised escape we need. Consider us hooked; this show sounds as irresistible as a double espresso.

Cover Photo: Quibi

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