Here’s An Australian Woman Taking A Dump On A Bus

Screenshot: YouTube

I think I’ll walk it from here. Thanks.

According to the Daily Mail, passengers on a Melbourne bus were left “horrified and disgusted” recently after a woman decided to drop trou and then drop a deuce right on the floor in front of them. Have a look at the video below originally shared on YouTube.

Here’s An Australian Woman Taking A Dump On A Bus


Even crazier than that? How about the fact that this wasn’t her first rodeo?

“So you shit in public, this is the fourth time now, in front of everyone and now we have to suffer through it,” a pissed off mother yelled while attempting to shield her daughter from the literal shit show. “I’m going to have to go home and explain to my child why she can use the toilet and a grown woman can’t.”

The pooper’s comeback? You guessed it: “I don’t care about your child.”

Another perturbed passenger threw several tissues on the floor and demanded that the woman clean up her own turds.

“Wipe it. Wipe it. Wipe it,” the woman demanded. “You’re disgusting. Wipe it.”

No word as to whether or not the woman actually gave in and wiped up her own shit (or her own ass for that matter). Also no word as to why the bus driver keeps picking her up.

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