Crazy Video Shows Hostage Situation At A Bank In Florida

Photo: Video Screenshot

Again, Florida?

Way back in December, 23-year-old Nicholas Humphrey walked into a Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville with a bucket and a dog. A few minutes later Humphrey reaches into the bucket and pulls out a gun, and this is where the chaos kicked off, and a two hour hostage situation kicked off.

According to police, Humphrey did threatened to kill some of the hostages, and asked negotiators for his family members. This dude had no clue what in the hell he was doing, because he clearly panics multiple times when he realizes authorities have arrived.

Thanks to LiveLeak, take a look at the insane footage of the hostage situation that was just released recently.

Crazy Video Shows Hostage Situation At A Bank In Florida

As you can tell, Humphrey was eventually taken down, and none of the hostages were hurt. He has now been charged with 13 counts of kidnapping with a weapon and one count each of attempted armed robbery and grand theft auto. The idiot has pleaded not guilty.

Police was called after the bank’s drive-thru lane employee noticed tellers walking around with their hands on their heads, and she of course called police immediately.

Community First CEO and President John Hirabayashi had this to say after the ordeal:

“The Community First Credit Union family of employees and members is grateful for the safe rescue and release of 11 people taken hostage.

I am personally grateful for the amazing professionalism and strength of our branch team who had to endure a situation we’ve not seen in many years,” “An active shooter is something we call know can happen and we hope never does, but these employees used their training to save lives today.”

Well, this is just Florida being Florida.

h/t First Coast News

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