And Here We Have A Japanese Guy Doing ‘Crotch Play’ With Beers At A Convenience Store

Photo: YouTube

There are many things about different cultures that you don’t fully understand until you travel to a specific country and experience them for yourself. With that being said, we’re pretty sure this is something that is considered “fucked up” no matter where you go.

According to Japankyo, a 27-year-old asshole recently went into a convenience store, touched himself and then touched a fair amount of beers in the cooler before turning to his finishing move, which of course was removing a can of chuhai from the shelf and placing it against his junk.

It’s called “crotch play,” and yes, it looks just as disturbing as it sounds.

And Here We Have A Japanese Guy Doing ‘Crotch Play’ With Beers At A Convenience Store

That shit show went down on January 12 at a Toyama Prefecture convenience store, and it was courtesy of a dude who calls himself “Mitsu” online. Mitsu live-streamed his crotch play session on a for all to see on a Japanese video sharing site called Nico Nico Dōga.

Naturally, people were pretty pissed about it, especially whoever bought that can of chuhai after it was violated. Nico Nico Dōga responded by shutting down Mitsu’s account, and now the police are involved. It’s unknown if Mitsu will be arrested for “forcible obstruction of business,” but for what it’s worth, he has since apologized for misusing his crotch.

Personally, we don’t think it’s good enough. The only suitable punishment we see here is making Mitsu buy up every can of beer and chuhai that he molested and then make him hold his tongue against each can for two minutes. And make him do it at the kitchen table in front of his grandmother. Only at that point would a man truly feel sorry for his shitdickery.

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