Drunk Russian Dude Steals Tank, Crashes Into Store To Steal Wine

Photo: cla78 (Getty)

All together now: Only in Russia.

So when people aren’t breaking each other’s legs in Russia, it looks like they are stealing tanks and driving them right into convenience stores. At least that’s what one man did recently. The unnamed man stole the tank from a privately-run motorsport training ground and then drove it through a forest and into Apatity, a small town just south of the Arctic circle. Oh, and he did all this to eventually steal a single bottle of wine.

According to witnesses, the clearly drunk guy crushed a parked car on his way to smashing the window to a convenience store. The man then proceeded to hop out of the tank, inspect the damage and then make his way into the store to steal that coveted bottle of wine.

Here’s video of the tank:

The man was of course later arrested for all the chaos he caused. But let’s be honest, this is going to be one hell of a story to tell at the dinner table.

h/t ABC

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