Florida Man Steals Live Fish By Stuffing Them Down His Pants

Photo: sihasakprachum (Getty)

I’m not surprised by anything that happens in Florida anymore. I mean, how can you be surprised? There’s a new absurd story out of that state everyday it seems. And today’s bizarre and crazy story? How about a man stuffing live fish down his pants?

Security cameras were able to capture Cruz Garcia Jr. taking exotic fish out of a tank at a pet store in Clearwater, and then proceed to put it in his pants. Oh man. The Clearwater Police Department said Cruz Garcia Jr. and accomplice Crystal Dixon walked into the Pet Safari store and Dixon began distract store clerk Kayla Kraut. Cruz Garcia Jr. then headed to a fish tank to steal some Electric Blue Acaras and Blue Ram Cichlids.

Check out the bizarre video below:

Here’s what the store clerk had to say:

“The boyfriend came to this fish tank over here, pointed at a fish and said, ‘Oh, that’s a really cool fish’ and then ran out the door. I immediately went to where I saw them last and I noticed there were droplets of water coming from the tank. I knew there was missing fish.”

Kraut was able to get the license plate of the idiots’ getaway vehicle and police took over from there. Garcia Cruz Jr. was arrested on a charge of petit theft, but police are still searching for Dixon. But unfortunately, the fish have not been found.

According to the store, the fish range from $18 to $20 each.

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