Former NBA Star Steve Francis Arrested Again

Former NBA superstar Steve Francis is obviously going through a rough time. The former All-Star posed for his second mugshot this fall after turning himself into Florida police Monday.

Francis had a warrant out for his arrest in Manatee, Florida from a burglary charge earlier this year. The ex-Rocket allegedly broke into a car back in June, running off with more than $7 thousand in stuff.

It was just last month when Francis was arrested for a DWI in Houston.

Francis’ latest charge is a 3rd degree felony that carries a penalty up to five years in prison.

Although he hasn’t played since 2010 (China), it just seems like yesterday Francis was the hottest high-flying dunk prospect with his own shoe deal. I hope whatever he’s going through, he gets through it.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

Screen Capture via ABC 13