Florida Man Tries To Steal Oxy, Gets Ass Kicked By Professional Boxer Instead

I think we’re beginning to see why the Spanish didn’t put up much of a fight for Florida.

According to ABC News, a masked 26-year-old Florida man hoping to score some free oxycodone jumped onto the counter at a Walgreens pharmacy in Bradenton on Valentine’s Day but wound up getting the ever-living shit kicked out of him instead by a professional boxer who just happened to be the boyfriend of one of the pharmacists.

Florida Man Tries To Steal Oxy, Gets Ass Kicked By Professional Boxer Instead

man tries to steal oxy from Walgreens but gets ass kicked by boxer instead
Police said Anthony Nemeth told the pharmacists that he had a gun and he wanted “all the oxy 30s.” But little did he know that David West was trying to get in some quality time with his pharmacist girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, nor did he realize that West was a two-time winner of the Florida State PAL Boxing Championships.

Here’s how that panned out:

Ever the gentleman, West had no ill will for Nemeth after kicking his ass.

“I really don’t wish anything bad towards him, and I do hope he gets the help he needs,” West said.

West likely cleaned up in the bedroom department with his girlfriend after her shift ended thanks to his heroics and the fact that love is always in the air on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Nemeth was charged with robbery and booked in the Manatee County Jail, where he also might have cleaned up. Just not by choice.

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