Occupied Restaurant In Russia Floats Away On Ice Sheets

Photo: Vladimirovic (Getty Images)

So you found a tiny hair in your salad and now you want your entire dinner for free? Well, at least you didn’t end up in the middle of a river like the folks at the ‘Old Wharf’ restaurant did.

According to RT, the restaurant in Samara took its customers for quite the trip down the Volga River when ice streams untethered the restaurant from the shoreline and pushed it down the river. Folks were able to film the moment the Old Wharf ended up at another zip code.

Have a look for yourself!

Well damn. I can’t even imagine how many dinners ended up on customer’s laps. Luckily, no injuries were reported, so all was well. The Old Wharf was quickly towed back to the shore before it could end up in another country.

According to authorities, the vessel that houses the restaurant was in violation of safety regulations and was improperly anchored. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. And I think this comment on YouTube says it all, folks.

Well that’s one option: Pittsburgh Man Calls In Bomb Threat At Restaurant In Hopes Of Not Having To Pay Bill

Screengrab: YouTube

Well, at least it’s delivery service must be quite the sight to see.