Russia’s Postal Delivery Drone Completely Smashes Into Pieces On First Try

Photo: seregalsv (Getty Images)

While our president continues to annoy people with his Amazon tantrum, Russia is trying their best to make postal service easier. How so? By introducing a drone. The only problem is that Russia has a few things to work out before they are able to successfully let drones deliver anything.

According to Gizmodo, folks in Russia were pretty pumped to see Russia’s first postal delivery drone in action. The drone, which cost about $20,000 to put together, only flew “several seconds” before it came crashing down in front of everyone. I’m not sure if Putin was there, but if he was I’m sure he would have starred deep into the souls of all the makers of this drone and they would have immediately melted. Probably.

Check out video of the failed drone attempt.

Well that’s just depressing.

This was a success: Guy Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Hot, Bikini-Clad Neighbor

A government official reveals that wifi connections may have interfered with the drone, causing it to crash. It’s also been revealed that Russia is already “distancing” itself from the drone event. Obviously out of humiliation.

People really want drones to become an everyday part of life, but when it comes down to it humans delivering mail to your mailbox is usually the better bet than some robot with wings crashing through your window to deliver your box from Blue Apron.