Guy Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Hot, Bikini-Clad Neighbor

Because what else are you going to use a drone for?

People have different opinions when it comes to drones — some folks have a positive reaction and some have a negative reaction. For example, this Russian knight at a medieval fair obviously had a negative reaction because he destroyed a drone with a spear. But this dude enjoys drones because he uses them to knock paper cups off his head. You know, adult stuff.

And yet, something tells me the guy below really, really likes drones.

The video below shows a hot blonde sunbathing. And as what happens when you sunbathe, you get thirsty, so this gal sends a text to her neighbor to bring her a beer, because that is what happens in real life. And this is what YouTuber user Jeff3230 does with his drone.

Well, would you look at at, she even tipped him with her bra, because like I said that also happens in real life. So if you have a drone, make sure to perv out and attach beer to them so you can give them to hot women.

Don’t blame me if you get arrested.

h/t Bro Bible

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