Your Amazon Alexa Is Most Likely Possessed By A Demon

Photo: avid Ryder/Getty Images

We’re living in a time where people are completely OK letting Google, Siri, Alexa or any other voice-command system that is there to help you out and make your life easier. Hell, sometimes they even call 911 for you. But what happens when one of those devices begins laughing out of nowhere like a demented child? Well that’s what Amazon’s Alexa has been doing for some users lately.

The unprompted laughter has been freaking out a lot of people, especially since it sounds like this:

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that laugh in Ghost Adventures when they are able to record that voice. In my opinion it’s most likely a demon that has decided to take over Alexa as most demons aim to do. According to The Verge, Amazon says they are “aware of this and working to fix it.”

Amazon says they are planning to fix this scary glitch by disabling the phrase, “Alexa, laugh,” and changing the command to “Alexa, can you laugh?” Amazon also adds, “We are also changing Alexa’s response from simply laughter to ‘Sure, I can laugh,’ followed by laughter.”

How about we just stop making trying to make her laugh? It’s weird and sounds like the response of a witch after she summons a bunch of dead people. And guess what? Twitter is not about this at all.

My advice to all you Alexa owners? Burn them. Burn them all.

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