All About M.E. | Anorak Pullovers

(L) Running Windbreaker in White by Adidas, $66; Anorak in Forest Green by Adsum, $595.

Morning jogs in New York are both uplifting and rewarding. Feeling the crisp breeze from the river, listening to the quiet streets, and enjoying the beautiful architecture can make anyone’s day. Even if it rains, this tranquil routine never has to stop if you have a proper anorak.

These pullover-hooded jackets are perfect for runners who don’t use the word “can’t” in their vocabulary. Its lightweight nylon material and oversized fit allows runners to move freely on their morning routes. With its breathable fabric that repels the rain, anorak pullovers are the definition of utilitarian comfort.

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Not only is an anorak practical, but also it’s also fashionable. Designers Adsum, Kaptain Sunshine, and Cottweiler all share similar values: build exceptional clothes from quality fabrics that work in any environment. Any man can easily incorporate this jacket into his wardrobe.

KaptainSunshine_Adsum-Anorak-INTERIORDetails: (L) Salvage Smock Parka in Navy by Kaptain Sunshine, $319; Anorak in Forest Green by Adsum, $595.

Along with these designers, brands like Adidas, Sasquatchfabrix, and Penfield will help you get a jump start on your morning workout.