All About M.E. | Forever Flannel

While many style-focused individuals will rock a good flannel shirt even during the hottest summer months, the reality is that this ideal layering piece is truly meant for winter. Most commonly made with pure cotton, flannel shirts have an outstanding ability to get better with age. While we know fabric can get softer and cozier with time, sometimes it can look worn out. But flannels – typically with many various colors and built to be resilient – handle the years far better than other garments.

We have found some of the best flannel shirts on the market right now. Whether you’re looking for the statement-worthy or understated, we have one for you. Flannels that stand out tend to have numerous hues in them. If you’re down, we recommend the Lightweight Fjord Flannel by Patagonia or the Rancher Shirt by Rogue Territory. Both have most of the primary colors if not all, and make for a bold look. Meanwhile, if you would prefer one you can discretely wear to the office, without someone asking where you tent is, Huf and Brixton offer iterations that are truly just classic button downs, but made with more hearty fabrics.

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No matter what flannel(s) you choose to integrate into your wardrobe, we know they will be a much loved, and worn, addition. And if you’re aiming for an all time classic, you can never go wrong with buffalo plaid (red and black check) — the Vermont Flannel Company has the perfect one to fit the bill.