New York’s Wayfarer Restaurant Raises the Steaks of Brunch

I kicked off a review with a pun headline. I should be ashamed. I’m not. I’m full of wholesome food and just spent a couple hours enjoying pleasant conversation and friendly service. 

That’s not very New York of me, I admit. But, the casual ambiance and top shelf food at Wayfarer’s Restaurant has me in a good mood — and it should do the same for you.

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Snuggled in to prime real estate on 57th and Sixth inside the Quin Hotel, the Wayfarer specializes in seafood and steak. And, it does that well to hold such hallowed real estate. But, I took on the spot during Sunday brunch hours to see how the restaurant faired when the well-heeled of Manhattan seek some weekend comfort food. 

The effective charm of the Wayfarer is its complete lack of pretentiousness and total commitment to classic American options. While the interior of the restaurant is wood-lined and stately, and the efficient staff is white clad and formal, the breakfast and brunch menus is straight on the rails classics.

My body needs protein come the morning, so I headed straight for the Hanger Steak and Eggs. The steak was prepared perfectly to order, and that’s not always the case with breakfast beef orders. Even good steak spots (like, say, Wayfarer by night) can let their steak standards slack by day. But, the Wayfarer kitchen crew turned out a perfectly prepared plate.

Meanwhile, all of the carb-based menu choices serve up exactly what the diner expects without any “deconstructed” or “fusion” nonsense. From Eggs Benedict to Belgian Waffles to Challah French Toast, the dishes were perfectly cooked and served with ample portions.

However, it’s important to note this is no average New York diner. The Smoked Salmon Platter has an upscale Manhattan feel to it, and the oversized omelet selection aspires to more than a corner eggs joint.

Plates average around $20 for breakfast entrees, which is stealing it in a strong New York restaurant in the Wayfarer’s neighborhood. The sensible pricing levels bring in a mixed crowd of dining locals, upscale, Central Park travelers and even a few families enjoying a late Sunday morning. Anyone staying at the Quin or passing along 57th shouldn’t hesitate to join them.


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