Watch Of The Week | Hermes Clipper

Hermès makes populates a universe of luxury goods and items with regal lookbooks for men and women, ranging from scarves and cashmere sweaters to timepieces certain to stand the test of time. Granted not everyone is cut out for Hermès and, equally, Hermès isn’t in everyone’s luxury wheelhouse. But for the men hoping to upgrade their game and take on a more sophisticated look, you can never go wrong with Hermès.

The Hermès Clipper comes fitted with a blood orange  or black leather band, boasts a titanium back and frame, stainless steel case, and a buckle subtly engraved with the brand’s logo. This watch is perfect for dressing down without really dressing down.

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But no one will hold your feet to the fire if you decide to pair this with a buttoned-up business suit or even a black tux for a formal affair. It’s versatile enough to give a little bit of edge to whatever you’re wearing. With a diameter of 44mm, it’s just right for the average man’s wrist.

When do you wear this? Anytime you want. While it’s not a sports watch you take out into the woods for that vigorous hike or mountain climb, it will hold up respectably. As far as bling goes, this is subtly rendered. You won’t have to worry about being too audacious, as this watch is all about respect and sensibility. Retailing at 5400€ (~$6,100), it’s a wise choice for the shrewdly styled man. 


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