Watch Of The Week | Pacific Standard Time Company Finds Oceania

Pacific Standard Time Company is the brainchild of several friends who hail from various points of the globe. That enormous current of diversity that runs between the brand’s creators has equally inspired its line of timepieces. Boasting the world’s first water-resistant wood watches, PSTC has curated a trinity of timepieces that are reasonably priced and aesthetically unique.

The Oceania not only uses wood as source material for each incarnation, it also houses a Swiss movement that’s protected by a tough inner shell. These timepieces are constructed in Southern California with wood sourced from the Hawaiian Islands, and fuse a generous sprinkling of rather unconventional ideas.

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For instance, PSTC claims no trees were cut in the making of their timepieces, only already felled wood was used.  The band is also wood and comes in at 24.5 mm. The Swiss movement is a 5030 D Analog Chronograph Quartz movement with a battery life of a whopping 54 months.

PSTC-INTERIORThe Koa, like the other 2 pieces in the line, boasts 100m water resistance with a stainless steel dial and a Polynesian tattoo pattern. The other incarnations were crafted from Milo wood, which has a deep burnt red-earth color. It’s principally been used in making furniture and canoes. The third variation is crafted from Mango wood, which boasts a more golden, mustard hue. All of the watches retail for $595.

Images courtesy of Pacific Standard Time Company.