Watch Of The Week | Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Vivo

Raymond Weil has created a collection of chronographs over the years that run the gamut from chic luxury to virile sportsman to their recent limited-edition punk timepiece for nominees at this year’s Brit Awards. The brand has shown a singular talent for changing its spots as easily as we change our clothes, but it has managed to retain the brand identity and integrity that single it out as one of the upper tier watch labels for men. 

Imagine coupling a robust sort of sporty watch with the traditional timepiece. Raymond Weil did just that with their limited edition Nabucco Cuore Vivo, named after the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi. It has the big and muscular look of your top shelf sport watch, and all the bells and whistles of a luxury timepiece — as well as a luxury price tag of over $4k.

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Dive in closer and you’ll see how this baby ticks. Raymond Weil pulls back the curtain on the magic and reveals the balance and escape wheels through an aperture on the watch. They boast a gargantuan store of reserve energy with 46 hours under their belt. So there’s no winding down on this specimen, come rain or shine.

Speaking of rain, the watch is sturdy. Water resistant up to 200 meters, this is the luxury watch you take on those surf trips and deep ocean dives. Then you towel yourself off and head over to the black tie gala, watch still strapped to your wrist. 

Don’t worry about denting or dinging the Nabucco. It comes in a combination titanium and stainless steel case. Its band is an understated rubber strap, so all the oohs and ahs are focused on the mechanics of the timepiece, which are as good as they get. The Nabucco stays faithful to a Swiss automatic movement, a sapphire crystal, a black dial with Arabic numerals and letters, and a grocery list of other bells and whistles.

When don’t you wear this timepiece? Good question. There doesn’t seem to be a moment when the Nabucco isn’t appropriate. T-shirt and jeans, bodysuit and GoPro, black tux and bow tie. No dress code or activity seems to phase the Nabucco. 


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