Get a Stylish Watch That Won’t Break the Bank With Bauhaus

A well-made accessory can say a lot about your personal style. While your smartphone may give you the time, a luxury watch has become a wrist-based statement piece many of us simply can’t live without. Sure, the need to wear a watch has waned, but the style and self-expression elements have only become that much more necessary. 

Originally, the whole essence of wearing a watch was to tell the time, and even some careers still demand the practice from pilots to stock brokers, a watch is a must. For those of us who rely more on looking and feeling great—a watch never disappoints. Take this Bauhaus 41mm BWTL for example. This statement piece has been engineered to promote style, elegance, and simplicity. It has all the features any style aficionado looks for in a luxury piece. 

Bauhaus crafted this timepiece with an effortless blend of simplicity while maintaining a modern look and feel. The Seiko VD72 quartz movement promises accurate movement with a trusted date function. Say goodbye to unlocking or swiping your smartphone for something as necessary as the time. Instead, look to this chic timepiece for all your time keeping needs. 

The quick release strap enables an easy style change. Or, if it’s an elegant finish you are looking for, the refined and polished finish will certainly tempt your fashion tastebuds. Water resistant? Absolutely. You can submerge this statement piece without fear of damage to the internal workings. A watch is really more than just a timepiece, it is a fast and dependable way to check the time, and most importantly it shows others just how style savvy you really are.  

Get the Bauhaus 41mm BWTL for $91.99. Add a 1-year warranty for as little as $19.99 or opt for more time with a 2-year warranty for just $24.99. 

Prices subject to change.