Watch Of The Week | Casio G-Shock Mr-G

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s, Casio was the icon behind a throng of electronic devices, with everything from watches to musical instruments populating the brand’s product offering. But the pop-tech wave of that decade eventually faded, much like the musical gods that fronted the parallel sound on radio and MTV (We’re looking at you A-ha!).

Fast forward and Casio has re-emerged from the ashes like a triumphant phoenix. While it won’t be mentioned in the same conversation as Omega or Richard Mille, Casio has nestled itself comfortably in the annals of watchmaking as a true veteran of the game. That longevity is due in part to its willingness to continually evolve.

Enter the G Shock Mr-G Series. Here’s a line of watches that claim to be indestructible. We’ve gushed over military and pilot watches that claim the same thing but with an added touch of luxury. But here’s an affordable line of unbreakable watches for the everyman.

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Forged with a titanium case and band, the Mr-G goes hard in the paint. It has an outer shell that’s been heated in a nitrogen and oxygen gas mixture in order to make the surface not only scratch resistant but also even harder than the titanium that binds the case itself. Among its other bells and whistles, the Mr-G boasts a super scratch resistant sapphire crystal and nearly complete translucence. It also clocks in with a stopwatch, auto correct for more than 27 countries and time zones, 200 meter water resistance, and LED lighting.

With three variations, Mr-G ranges in price from $2600 to $3000, a step up in quality and luxury for the Casio brand. The Mr G 1000DC – 1A, the Mr G 1000D – 1A and the crowning glory of the group, the Mr G 1000B – 1A, populate a lookbook that takes Casio into luxury territory. Each fashioned in Japan, they are certainly a stretch from the kind of watchmaking we expect from Swiss giants. And the Mr-G series boasts a color palette that will rival your favorite collection of Crayola crayons. Yes, those tough titanium watches even come in pink (or “rose,” as fashionable men would call it).


Images courtesy of Casio.