The Brief | On Fitness: How To Pack For The Gym

Haven’t been to the gym in a while? It’s all good. Most of us haven’t. And believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to put down the joystick and get back into an exercise routine that doesn’t involve a remote. First, you just need to know what to pack. Kevin Curry from has a quick must-have checklist before heading out the door.

On top of what Kevin has to offer, also don’t forget the following if you want to take your workouts to another level.

  • Padlock: For your locker, if your gym supplies that option.
  • Protein: For after your workout. Usually whey. Avoid the sugar. 
  • Swimsuit and goggles: If your gym has a pool, swimming is the best workout if you want to go easy on the joints.
  • Toiletries: For the shower afterwards.
  • Your music: Whether you go old school on an iPod or you use your phone, you need your tunes. Especially you ladies who like to avoid “that guy” at the gym. Which reminds me, guys, don’t be “that guy.”
  • Gym membership card: Be honest, how many times have you forgotten yours!?



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