Justin Power Products iPhone Case Calls Out Mophie

There are instances when all a product needs to breakout a little bigger into the marketplace is a name — something catchy that trips off the collective tongue. That’s all the (…deep breath…) Justin Power Products 3,000mAh iPhone Power Case really needs to guarantee the attention it deserves as a legitimate challenger to the most popular of the recharge cases, the Mophie.

The Justin Power iPhone Power Case does everything a recharge case is tasked to do while adding a couple different features not found in its rivals. First, this case folds down to double as a stand if you want handsfree calling, video chat, YouTube’ing, etc. Second, the Lightening connector on the phone connects thoroughly with any Apple computer, allowing data transfer and sync through the case.

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That connectivity is no minor point. When you plug rival recharge cases into an Apple Computer via a mini USB cable, that mini USB connector doesn’t communicate with the Lightening connector inside the case powering the phone. So, you charge your phone without syncing the phone. With this Justin, the mini USB talks to the Lightening connection and allows full data sync with iTunes and iPhoto.

As for the primary function of battery charging and protection during the extended test of this Justin Power, the device passed without incident. The iPhone always connected with the backup battery without error messages, and that battery easily doubled the iPhone’s life between charges.

The case’s protective ability is adequate, though I would like to see a little more screen protection in case of face down impacts. Still, the smartphone sits snugly in this case.

Ounce for ounce, the (…Here we go again…) Justin Power Products 3,000mAh iPhone Power Case is a genuine Mophie challenger. It just needs a more distinguishable brand identity to get the word out to gadget lovers.