iPhone X Accessories Round-Up: Must-Have Cases, Chargers & More

On its own, the iPhone X is one of the most impressive bits of tech out there, capable of doing almost anything. Despite all of its strengths, however, it still has its weaknesses.

Thankfully, there’s a whole range of first and third-party accessories which will help cover up those weaknesses, making the iPhone X stronger and more durable, less likely to run out of juice and much more.

Here’s a round-up of the best of the best iPhone X accessories:

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

One of the iPhone X’s standout features is wireless charging. It’s super convenient, and the sooner you embrace it, the better!

mophie makes charging your iPhone easier than ever. This wireless charging pad includes the latest Qi technology and delivers up to 7.5W fast-charging speeds to your phone on contact. The non-slip finish ensures perfect placement and the included wall adapter means you get everything you need to get charging right in the box. $59.95

Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mount

If you want to charge wirelessly while driving, then you’ll want to grab this. There’s no need to fiddle with any wires; you just slide it in and away you go.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mount combines the power of Qi wireless fast charging with the agility of the Easy One Touch mounting system. Utilize the increased range and stability of the telescopic arm to find the perfect position for your smartphone on either dashboard or windshield. After mount installation is complete, simply insert and remove your smartphone with just one touch. Once a Qi compatible smartphone is mounted, it will begin to automatically charge wirelessly. The Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mount is universally compatible with all smartphones sizes to hold your device securely so you can drive safely. $54.95

Otterbox iPhone X Defender Series Screenless Edition

It’s beautiful, but it’s also fragile. The iPhone X is an expensive bit of kit that you really don’t want to see smashed. The Otterbox Defender Series is my go-to for ultimate protection. It’s going to add some bulk, but the protection gains are huge!

Defender Series is the core of our heritage. The early leader of OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection and the ultimate keeper of our “tough” OtterBox Originals legacy. Grab one to give your iPhone X rugged protection and give you total confidence to do more. $49.95

Official iPhone X Leather Case

If style is the priority, but you still want to stop the glass rear from receiving any unnecessary scratches, then the official iPhone X leather case is well worth considering. It comes in a wide array of colors.

These Apple-designed cases fit snugly over the curves of your iPhone without adding bulk. They’re made from specially tanned and finished European leather, so the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time. The machined aluminum buttons match the finish of your leather case, while a microfiber lining inside helps protect your iPhone. And you can keep it on all the time, even when you’re charging wirelessly. $49.00

Spigen iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

While you certainly don’t want to go spending an extortionate amount of money on a screen protector, you do at least want to shop for a “tempered glass” model. Spigen have protected my other devices well over the years, and they’re my choice for the iPhone X.

iPhone X Screen Protector, Tempered Glass with 9H screen hardness [2 Pack] Case-friendly cutout stays compatible with all Spigen cases. Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty with Spigen. Comes with easy installation wings to make application effortless. $8.99

Mophie Charge Force Powerstation

If you plan to go on a long journey, or just want some reassurance that your battery will never die, a battery bank is a wise investment. This battery bank boasts a special trick, in that it charge your iPhone X wirelessly!

Wirelessly charge without any cables whatsoever using the charge force powerstation. Simply place your juice pack wireless or any Qi enabled smartphone on top of the charge force powerstation and push the button to start the wireless charging. This 10,000mAh battery will give your smartphone up to 48 hours* of extra battery and the extra USB port will charge a second device at the same time; including power-hungry tablets. $99.99


Pair that shiny new iPhone X with an equally shiny new pair of AirPods. Impressive audio quality in a truly wireless earphone solution.

AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever you pull your AirPods out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Audio automatically plays as soon as you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, just double-tap to activate Siri. $159.00

Apple Watch Series 3

If you’re already deeply embedded within the Apple ecosystem, you’ll probably want to grab an Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X make for the ultimate combo.

Answer a call from your surfboard. Ask Siri to send a message. Stream your favorite songs on your run. And do it all while leaving your phone behind. Introducing Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. Now you have the freedom to go with just your watch. From $329

Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive

Additional storage plus incredible ease-of-use comes in the form of the Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive. Available in storage sizes starting at 16GB.

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is an amazing storage device for those with an iPhone or iPad that need some extra storage, or even just a way to backup photos and videos of loved ones (without using the cloud). From $25.99

Moment Photo Case for iPhone X

The wide lens seen above is just one of many which work with the Moment Photo Case. They help push the iPhone X’s camera to even further greatness.

An affordable case for everyone who loves to use their camera phone. Its thin, durable, rubberized body protects your phone from parking lot drops, tree branch scratches, and the occasional “I drank too much; where’d I leave my phone?” nights out.

Available in wood or black canvas, the back of the case provides subtle texture, making it easier to take pictures. The bottom includes a strap attachment to work with any standard wrist strap, and the Moment lens interface is built right into the phone so you can quickly attach one of our beautiful lenses. $29.99