Future Tech | iPhone X and the Explosion of Animoji Karaoke

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For the legions of Apple loyalists who picked up the Cupertino giant’s latest smartphone offer, the iPhone X (pronounced ‘ten’), they are privy to the future of smartphone technology thanks to Face ID and the 3D depth-sensing cameras that power it. Apple had planned originally to unleash this tech to the masses in 2018, but luckily Tim Cook and his supply chain wizardry were able to release it a year early.

Now that Apple’s vision of the “future” or smartphones is available, and in the hands (and faces) of consumers, we’re starting to learn of new use-cases for facial recognition technology, namely via Apple’s cutesy face-mapped Animoji characters.

Think unlocking your phone with your face is cool? It is, but it’s nowhere near as interesting as this.

Future Tech | iPhone X and the Explosion of Animoji Karaoke

Even celebrities are taking notice to the adorable and technologically impressive trend, with Nicki Minaj posting this Animoji collab with her, Migos, and Cardi B.

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Who would have guessed that the future of facial recognition technology would amount to a singing emoji?

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