Meanwhile in Pennsylvania: 106-Year-Old Says Big Macs the Key Life, May Also Account For What Makes You Senile

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin (Getty Images)

There are many keys that experts will tell you will lead to a long life. We’re talking about eating healthy, staying active and fit, and abstaining (or limiting your intake) from drugs and alcohol. It’s pretty simple. Life a healthy life and chances are you’ll live for a long time. Sadly, this doesn’t take into account genetic reasons for you taking an early exit. There’s also the matter of famous stories of very unhealthy habits leading to long lives. We’re talking about whiskey, wine, gin, and most recently Big Macs.

One Philadelphia woman credits the well-known McDonald’s behemoth, that tops out at 550 calories per sandwich, as one of the main reasons for her longevity. And when we say longevity, that’s a bit of an understatement. Dorothy Nedd just turned 106 last week.

And while she credits most of her long life with her faith, some can seemingly be transferred to her enjoyment of Big Macs. That’s because the great-grandmother of nine and great-great-grandmother of one would often visit McDonald’s after church and she always got a Big Mac.

While there’s no way to really know whether it’s her faith or the fast food that has kept her kicking all these years, we do know that some McDonald’s items have lasted for years without changing their appearance so maybe she’s simply being preserved from inside out due to the amount of burgers she’s eaten over the years.



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