112 Year-Old Woman Says Whisky Is The Key To A Long Life

Photo: Bernard Jaubert (Getty Images)

Can whisky help you live longer? One woman seems to think so.

Grace Jones of Broadway, England, just celebrated her 112th birthday. Jones (or as her friends call her, “Amazing Grace”) is the oldest person in Britain, and one of the oldest in the world. She believes that a nightly dram of Scotch whisky is one of the reasons for her longevity.

“I started having a nightly tot of it when I turned 50 so I’ve been having it every night for the last 60 years and I certainly have no intention of stopping now,” Jones told the U.K.’s Metro. “My doctor said, ‘Keep up with the whisky Grace, it’s good for your heart.’” She says that even though she’s more than twice as old as she was that day, she still feels like she’s 60.

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If you talk to people who live past the century mark, you’ll probably hear about healthy lifestyles and good genetics. Not so for Jones, who seems to credit her nightly glass of Famous Grouse for her longevity. It’s as much of a routine for her as brushing one’s teeth before bed (hopefully she does that after her dram). “I never miss my night cap. All I have is the whisky at night,” she says.

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We don’t know why or how it works, but Jones was born in 1906 and has lived through 26 prime ministers and is still in good health. “I feel fine. I feel full of spirit. I have received lots of nice cards and presents this year and they are still coming in. We will be here next year as well,” she says. Let’s hope she is, with a glass of whisky to celebrate.