McDonald’s Gooey Holiday Pie Looks Kinda Naughty (Or Is It Just Us?)

Forgive us for not staying current on McDonald’s apparently revolving dessert menu, but when we think of the fast-food chain’s pies, there’s only one flavor worth remembering: apple. That hand-held, piping-hot, sweet and doughy treat is iconic in our minds (and oh-so-crave-able to our stomachs). But rumor has it apple isn’t the only pie McDonald’s is known for – and one of its other flavors is coming back for the holiday season.

It’s unimaginatively called the Holiday Pie, and it’s available at the Golden Arches now through early January. The sugary creation was allegedly introduced way back in 1999, though this is the first year we’ve heard anything about it. The mass-produced pastry includes a vanilla custard wrapped in a butter crust that’s glazed with sugar and adorned with rainbow sprinkles.

Is it just us or…does that pie look a little naughty? Like it wants to nut in your mouth? We know some of you are nodding your heads out there. Dirty minds think alike.

Cover Photo: McDonald’s