10 Ways to Live (And Die) Green to Show Your Love on Earth Day 

Earth Day is kind of like Mother’s Day: An arbitrary date on the calendar someone else chose to celebrate our creator so we don’t have to try as hard the other 364 days of the year. Sound about right?

It’s high time we flipped the script. Every day on Earth is technically Earth Day. So let’s stop hugging trees for one measly day out of the year and instead show our lifelong gratitude for the planet that was kind enough to take us in so we wouldn’t freeze to death on the unforgiving streets of space.

Let’s be honest, Earth is amazing. There are oranges and giraffes and clouds shaped like dragons. Weed grows on literal trees and there are more beautiful views on the planet than any one person can catch in a thousand lifetimes. We should be in awe every day and act accordingly, treating Mother Nature with the care and respect it deserves. (That goes for mom too.)

While there are countless ways we can change up our lifestyle to positively impact the world around us, let’s start with these simple ten. We know climate change isn’t sexy, but it should be. Consider getting into the best shape of your life by hulking out Earth Day style. We promise it will get you laid.

Cover Photo: Brothers91 (Getty Images)

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