Pornhub Erects Sex Ed Series, Should Help Curtail Men’s Expectations of Women in the Boudoir

If you’re anything like us, you probably learned about the proverbial birds and the bees from three possible places. First, and most awkward, is your parents. They might have sat you down as a youngster and explained everything (in hopefully vague terms) that you needed to know about sex. Another possibility is sex ed when you were 12 or 13 years old. This consisted of a lot of giggling and uncomfortable glances at your fellow students while you listened to a health teacher drone on about condoms and conceiving. If you didn’t learn the literal ins and outs of the sexual process from these sources, you probably heard all about it from classmates who also didn’t know anything about it. If somehow you made it to adulthood and you still have questions, you can turn to porn. And no, we don’t mean the completely unrealistic portrayal of women in porn movies, we mean Pornhub and its new sex ed series.

Released last month, the streaming site has a series of sex-ed videos designed to teach you about various topics related to sex. Below you’ll find a sampling of a few of the videos you’ll see and why they’re important to your sexual health.

Photo: Adene Sanchez (Getty Images)

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