The Rusty American’s Guide to Getting Back to Not Blowing Your Load Too Quickly, Hopefully

Coronavirus – and its subsequent mandate of social distancing – made many of us unintentionally celibate. Now that the country is starting to reopen, one of the first things you’re probably looking forward to is getting laid again. But since you’ve been out of practice for the past four months or so, you might be worried about busting a nut too quickly.

One in 10 men have trouble with premature ejaculation (PE), and that’s under normal circumstances, so we can’t imagine how much that figure will, ahem, rise after this insufferable quarantine. What’s too fast in the sack? Two minutes or less, according to the experts. We want you to have a successful return to your sex life, so we’ve created this rusty American’s guide to getting back to not blowing your load too quickly (hopefully).

Cover Photo: sasint (Pixabay)

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