Your Diet Might Be Making You Dumb (And Tips on Getting Smart About Food)

If you eat fast food, you know the feeling you get an hour later. There’s the pre-diabetic buzz in your extremities as the corn syrup high crashes. Secondly, the frontal lobe numbness from the saturated fats stalling out your metabolism arrives. Further, there’s always a food coma from all the cardboard carbohydrates and sodium.

The Royal Society just published the results of an experiment looking at how the average Western diet affects healthy people. The findings might shock you. More likely, they’ll confirm what you already know. Don’t worry either way. We pre-digested all the boring, depressing jargon so you don’t have to. Read this quick list to learn about the experiment and some practical advice on what you should eat to stay healthy and alert. In conclusion, let science and your stomach can convince you to avoid fast food and eat better.

Cover Photo: Jac Depczyk (Getty Images)

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