plant-based ice cream

Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Ice Cream

What the Impossible Burger did for faux meat, a new California-based startup hopes to do for ice cream. Eclipse Foods, founded by Thomas Bowman and Aylon Steinhart, recently launched its plant-based ice cream in collaboration with scoop shops OddFellows and Humphry Slocombe. The “cowless creamery” aims to lay the groundwork for a new frozen dessert experience, once that is indistinguishable from traditional dairy ice cream. What sets Eclipse Foods apart from the dairy-free ice cream brands currently on the market is that its base isn’t a dairy alternative, it’s a dairy replacement. We took a deep dive into Eclipse Foods’ product, plus a couple of other plant-based ice cream offerings, to see what the newest food trend is all about. Here’s everything you need to know about plant-based ice cream.

Cover Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)

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