6 Ways To Get A Bartender’s Attention (Without Looking Like A Dick)

So, you’re stuck in the middle of a crowded saloon, unable to get to the bar. No matter how you try to maneuver, you can’t get a spot close enough to the bartender to get his or her attention. You’re thirsty, annoyed, and willing to do anything to get a frosty brew. It seems like all hope is lost and you’re doomed to waste away in the middle of a crowd of fist-bumping, overly tanned, board-shorts-wearing bros who seem to be ordering 1,000 shots for their fellow bros. Lucky for you, there are a few ways for you to get that beer you crave so much.

Even if you’re not six-foot-six, there are still ways to get a bartender’s attention even when you’re stuck in the middle of a mosh pit of binge-drinkers. These might seem simple, but they actually work. Plus, if you play it right, the bartenders will remember you (for the right reasons) and you won’t have to work hard to order drinks for the rest of the night.

Photo: John Rensten (Getty Images)

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