Mix and Match: Creating the Perfect Craft Beer Six-Pack

Unless you go to a store that allows you to buy one bottle (or can) of beer at a time, you’ll have to settle for purchasing a six-pack of all the same brews even if you only want one or two (at least you can share with your friends). Maybe you enjoy a certain sour ale but only one at a time. What if want to enjoy a stout while you sit around an evening campfire, but you have no need for the style during the hot, humid summer days? Well, luckily, a lot of liquor and grocery stores allow you to create your own six-pack from dozens of cans or bottles they have in stock. If you’re lucky enough to visit one of these stores, you better choose wisely. There’s definitely the right way to craft a sixer as well as a wrong way. The key is creating a good mix of different styles. Here’s our version of the perfect craft beer six-pack.

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images) 

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