The Good Son’s Guide To Teaching Dad How People Drink in 2019

Photo: Smith Collection (Getty Images)

As a boy, you probably thought your dad was the strongest man alive, a guy who knew everything. Then a few decades passed by and now you’re the one with all the answers (or so you think). Your pops might still be your hero, but even heroes could use a lesson in how to drink 40 years after it stopped being cool for them to party every night.

That’s why Father’s Day is the perfect time to school him on how social people drink in 2019, especially if you haven’t bothered to get him a gift yet. So whether he taught you how to fish (or just stood on a dock with you while you caught an old boot) or he explained the inner workings of a car engine (or just let you hold the wrenches), know that you gave your dad something back this year with some wise-ass advice from the heart.

Now go have a catch with your old man, and hopefully nobody gets hurt.

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