This Secluded Pop-Up Bar Is Offering Free Gin For Life (If You Can Get There)

Photo: Arctic Blue Gin

You’ve done some crazy things for free booze in the past, but traveling to the North Pole probably wasn’t one of them. Would you like it be? Finland’s Arctic Blue Gin is hoping you’ll take them up on their offer of free gin for life…if you can make it to their pop-up “Arctic Bar” on April 17. It’s touted as the northernmost bar in the world. If you want to try and find it, the coordinates are N90°E0°. Yeah, there’s no street address for this establishment.

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We can’t wait to share everything that has happened… and is still happening here in the north. It has been an extreme expedition indeed! #ArcticBlueGin #FreeFromOrdinary #ArcticBar

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Even if you don’t decide to try to find this snowy, secluded bar, you can still enjoy tasty gin if you’re willing to pay for it. Check out some of our favorites below.

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