World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Costs $100 So Take Your Time With It

vanilla milkshake with red cherry. Photo: (c) Harold Lloyd (Getty)

June 20th was National Vanilla Milkshake Day, and let’s just say if you didn’t have a chance to suck down Serendipity 3’s LUXE Milkshake, well, life goes on.

But just barely.

According to UPI, the crew at Guinness World Records recognized this bad boy as the world’s most expensive milkshake. It comes complete with Jersey milk from Channel Islands cows and a glass made up of more than 3,000 Swarovski crystals.

Oh, and there’s also …wait for it …gold in it.

On top of the Channel Islands cow milk, the LUXE Milkshake also contains 23 karat edible gold, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Devonshire luxury clotted cream, Madagascar vanilla beans, donkey caramel sauce featuring donkey’s milk and Venezuelan cocoa, Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries and of course, whipped cream.

“I am thrilled to add this accomplishment to our growing list of record-breaking food items,” chef Joe Calderone said. “It was exciting to develop such a unique recipe, and I hope our customers enjoy every drop of this creamy, rich milkshake.”

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If you’re lactose intolerant, then we apologize for being nothing short of the world’s biggest tease. But for those of us who know that a summer’s day sometimes comes down to whether or not you can get your hands on a quality shake, this is huge news.

Let’s take a peek at just how good the LUXE Milkshake was for one lucky guy:

Yup, don’t know if it’s worth $100, but it’s pretty f–king good.