Is This ‘High Fashion’ T-Shirt-Shirt The Worst Article Of Clothing Ever?

Sales clerk folding t-shirt on table in showroom. Photo: Astrakan Images (Getty)

We’ve seen some incredible fashion statements over the years. Each decade has its own iconic “look” — ’50s greaser t-shirt and blue jeans combo, the free-loving hippie clothes of the ’60s, ’70s bell-bottoms, neon colors and big hair of the ’80s, etc. But could the “t-shirt shirt” be the newest high-end fashion statement our kids will be talking about for decades to come?

If there is a God, then no.

A company named Balenciaga has released what’s called a T-shirt Shirt for the reasonable price of $1,290. It’s a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt draped over it.

Here’s a look at the ridiculousness:

As you can imagine, people are very confused about the new fashion statement. Here are just a few of our favorite Twitter reactions.

A solid point, Mr. Whippet! Kids, this is yet another prime example of why it’s important not to do drugs. The only thing worse than designing this shirt-shirt is being the person willing to spend the money on it. For $1,290 I would rather take a vacation, take an entire Boy Scout troup to a Chinese buffet, or even wear these detachable jeans — the latter would be funny as hell.

Remarkably, there are still far worse shirts out there: You Can’t Get ‘Enjoy Cocaine’ Kids Clothing On Amazon Anymore

Here’s one more look at the shirt trying to break the internet via @Balenciaga.

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Of course if you’re part of the 0.1 percent who likes this haute deal, here’s a genius life hack that could save you thousands of dollars.

I like this last option best. Halloween is just months away!

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.