You Can’t Get ‘Enjoy Cocaine’ Kids Clothing On Amazon Anymore

Photo: princessdlaf (Getty Images)

If you’re looking to get funny clothes for your toddlers to wear to Sunday brunches, you can still go to Amazon to search through a plethora of cute choices.

But for those of you parents looking to turn your kid into Charlie Sheen for the day, it appears as though you’ll no longer to purchase that “Enjoy Cocaine” gear that would have easily done the trick.

According to the Daily Mail, an independent retailer from what is believed to be Estonia recently had the privilege of using the massive online marketplace to sell its bibs, t-shirts and “babygrows” that all featured the words “Enjoy Cocaine” in a logo similar to the one Coca-Cola uses to encourage its customers to enjoy their product, but that is no longer the case thanks to one customer who didn’t find the combination of cocaine and babies to be very humorous.

That customer was Stefanie Smith, who jumped on Amazon’s UK Facebook page last week to let them know she was less than thrilled with their decision to sell booger sugar clothing made for little booger eaters.

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“Admittedly, yes I was looking for a Libertines T-shirt but what the actual hell is this? WTF,” Smith wrote.

Screenshot: Amazon

The good news for people still looking to combine their child’s adorable smile with their love of cocaine jokes is that you will still be able to find those clothes pretty much everywhere else on the internet.