You Have To Sign A Waiver Before Eating These Hot Wings In LA

Photo: sdominick (Getty Images)

While I am not a fan of spicy food at all, I’d like to say that I am not a fan of any food at all that requires me to sign a waiver before stuffing my face. Well, that’s exactly what a restaurant in Los Angeles requires all customers who are interested in eating their hot wings to do.

The restaurant, Dave’s Hot Chicken, is all about hot wings. The popular joint serves chicken wings that are so damn spicy you actually have to sign a waiver before tasting them at all. And once you do that, you get to choose how you want your wings. The spices include: jalapeños, habaneros, Trinidad scorpions, ghost peppers, and Carolina reapers.

Insider brought some of its employees to Dave’s Hot Chicken in order to sit down, sign a waiver and stuff their face with fire.

Check out the video below!

Maybe it’s just me, but did the opening of this video look like a scene out of a porn? It’s just me? I figured.

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If you’re willing to put your throat on the line, feel free to head on over to Dave’s for a taste.