A Danish Boys Choir Decided To Eat Ghost Peppers And Then Sing A Christmas Carol

Screenshot: YouTube/Chili Klaus

The Herning Boys Choir must be hard up for cash because we can’t come up with any other reason why they would agree to ingest the seventh-hottest pepper on the planet and then sing a Christmas carol.

According to The Independent, Claus Pilgaard, who is known to the masses as Chili Klaus, recently stopped by the same Danish boys choir he used to sing in to lead them in a classic Christmas song. Of course at this point, the story would most likely be filed in our “Who Gives A Shit?” folder, but it’s amazing how much things change when a Ghost Pepper is thrown into the mix.

Watch as the Herning Boys Choir do their damnedest to complete an extraordinary rendition of “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” a task that became quite a bit tougher after Klaus and the gang briefly stopped to devour the ol’  Bhut Jolokia, which tips the heat scales at 1,041,427 SHU.

The crying begins at 1:20.

Let’s hope for the boys’ sake that Klaus did them a solid and had 8,000 glasses of water waiting for them on a table around the corner. I mean, I can’t imagine being number 57 in line if there were just the usual two water fountains available.

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