Customer Asks For ‘Extra Spicy’ Food And Chef Makes Him ‘Regret Being Born’

Photo: myshkovsky (Getty)

I can’t stand spicy food so I always make sure that anything I order at restaurants comes with no spice whatsoever — all I know is that my stomach would literally become hell if I intake anything spicy. But some people enjoy spicy food and want as much of it as they can take. Just asks the person in this story.

A Reddit user recently shared a photo of a receipt that is currently going viral, which shows the words “extra spicy” written 17 times on it. Oh, the words, “make him regret being born” is also written on the receipt. It seems like the customer who uploaded the receipt annoyed the restaurant so much that they pulled this stunt.

Check out the photo below that was captioned, “I asked for extra spicy pad thai today.”

Photo: Reddit/Lowghen

Photo: Reddit/Lowghen

No word if that customer actually consumed the spicy pad Thai but since he’s alive I’m going to assume that he didn’t. There is also no word yet if the customer still regrets being born. I guess that’s something his local therapist can handle.

h/t Metro

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