So A Study Says That Binge-Watching TV Is Slowly Killing Us

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At least we are all dying while entertained.

I’m actually currently binge-watching a fantastic show on Netflix called American Vandal, but even this new study won’t keep me away from it. But this is what a new study has found: tons of hours of binge-watching has been linked to an increased risk of dying from inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, according to an Australian study. Well damn.


The study, published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, involved more than 8,900 adults and found that for each additional hour of TV viewing was associated with a 12 percent increased risk of inflammatory-related death. The study also found that people who spent more than four hours a day watching TV were at a higher risk. So it seems like a lot of us are screwed.

“People should be attempting to sit less and move more throughout their day because we do believe there are health benefits,” Dr. Megan Grace, lead investigator at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, said.


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Researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute quizzed adult participants about the viewing habits via a questionnaire between 1999 and 2000, well before the rise of streaming services like Netflix and the binge watching culture they’ve tried to foster among users.

The participants were categorized into three groups based on their TV viewing habits; less than two hours, greater than two hours but less than four hours; and more than four hours.

At the 12-year follow-up, 909 people had died. Of these deaths, 130 were inflammatory-related, and 172 non-inflammatory related. Of the inflammatory-related deaths, 21 were from diseases of the respiratory system and 18 of the nervous system.

The researchers observed a 54 percent higher risk of inflammatory-related death in those who watched between two to four hours of TV a day.

Here’s what else the folks behind the study had to say:

“TV time was associated with increased risk of inflammatory-related mortality. This is consistent with the hypothesis that high TV viewing may be associated with a chronic inflammatory state.”

And you know what else the study said? That those people who watch more TV were less likely to have completed at least 12 years of education and probably had lower household income.


Will this keep you all from binge-watching the latest season of Narcos, House of CardsStranger Things or other countless shows? No. So let’s all enjoy our early death!

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