Pizza Hut’s ‘Pie Tops’ Sneakers Allow You To Order Pizza By Pressing Down On Your Kicks

Photo: vasiliki (Getty)

So sure, we don’t have a cure to cancer yet, but at least we can order pizza from our sneakers.

There are plenty of bizarre inventions out there — from the alarm clock underwear that wakes you up with an orgasm, to the inflatable hoodie, people are literally coming up with the most odd things. And this is just another example, but this one comes to us from Pizza Hut themselves. And what do we mean? Well, we are talking about Pie-Top sneakers.

What in the hell are Pie-Top sneakers? Well, they are a pair of kicks brought to you by Pizza Hut, that pretty much allows a person to order a pizza simply by pushing down on the Pizza Hut logo located on the front of the sneakers.

Photo: Pizza Hut

Photo: Pizza Hut

So how do these sneakers work? Well, they are connected to your phone via bluetooth, which then syncs with your phone’s Pie Tops app and instantly submits the order. Think about it. There are people out there that will actually be doing all this simply for the novelty alone.

Check out this dramatic ad that Pizza Hut came out with.

The bad news is that there are only 64 pairs available. The good news is that if you don’t happen to get a pair, you can probably have a longer lifespan. But don’t worry, at least you have this Pie-Tops commercial featuring Grant Hill.

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