Ohio State Trooper Pulls Over Driver Then Gets Smoked By Another Vehicle

Unless the driver of the SUV was in the middle of giving birth, there is absolutely no excuse for this.

Sgt. Jim Smith of the Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled over a driver late last month for what seemed to be a routine traffic violation, but what happened next was anything but routine. Somebody driving an SUV completely missed the flashing lights atop the police vehicle and the fact that two cars were pulled to the side of the road in front of him or her and slammed into both vehicles as well as a defenseless Sgt. Smith:

Charges are pending against the dipshit who was behind the wheel of the SUV, and fortunately Sgt. Smith is going to be fine. However, let’s hope he didn’t write up a ticket for the young lady who he initially pulled over. I mean, not only did she immediately get out of her car to check on his well-being, but she also displayed one sweet ass “Dukes of Hazzard” move as she exited the vehicle through the window due to the fact that her door had been crushed by the impact.

h/t Barstool Sports

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