7 Funny Parking Ticket Pranks

There are streets you’re allowed to park on, streets you’re only allowed to park on with a permit, and streets where you and your car are subject to federally registered YouTube comedians. The latter areas are commonly referred to as “prank zones.” Here are 7 funny parking ticket pranks:


Parking Ticket Pranks: Parking Tickets That Make You Smile

It’d be funny if one person angrily ripped the envelope before opening it.


Parking Ticket Pranks: Fake Traffic Warden

You have to believe him. He’s talking fast and with a British accent.


Parking Ticket Pranks: Million-Dollar Ticket Prank

Worst. Trade. Ever.


Parking Ticket Pranks: Dumping Pennies To Pay A Parking Ticket

Starts at 2:50 – It turns out paying for your parking ticket in pennies will get you another parking ticket.


Parking Ticket Pranks: Parking Ticket Prankster Attacked By Bodybuilder

Don’t… park… in… the… danger zone!


Parking Ticket Pranks: Mall Parking Ticket

However, it is okay to park in front of the Hot Topic or Cinnabon.


Parking Ticket Pranks: Holiday Parking Gift

He’s pranking it forward.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.