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Meanwhile in New Mexico: College Students Can Pay Parking Tickets With Peanut Butter , But What Will They Be Left to Smear Their Boughs With This Holiday?

Photo: Yagi Studio (Getty Images)

We’ve all received a parking ticket at some point in our lives. Maybe it was because you parked on a busy city street and your meter ran out while you were doing some holiday shopping. Perhaps you were in a small town and parked somewhere you weren’t supposed to and ended up having to pay a sheriff who strongly resembled Andy Griffith. Regardless, parking tickets are extremely aggravating, annoying, and costly. One college in New Mexico decided to make things a little easier on students who were given parking tickets by doing something completely nutty instead.

By nutty, we literally mean that instead of paying cash (that they’ll need to pay off their loans for the next few decades) New Mexico State University allowed students to waive the cost of parking violations if they handed over a few jars of peanut butter.

While they didn’t differentiate if crunchy or smooth peanut butter had more value, the university announced on its parking website that between November 29 and December 3, any student who got a ticket for parking without a permit could pay their fine with 80-ounces of peanut butter.

While this seems silly, it’s an inventive way for the college to get students to donate the Aggie Cupboard, a local food pantry that provides food to faculty, students, and staff at New Mexico State. So, at least parking where they shouldn’t might end up with someone getting a tasty peanut butter sandwich.


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