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Ranked! The Worst Names You Could Pick For Your Motorcycle Gang

Hells Angels, Reapers, Merchants of Death. An outlaw motorcycle club’s name should cause anyone who comes in contact with its members to tremble in their shoes, be they civilians or members of a rival gang. However, some MCs have either overthought their crew’s name in a major way or, conversely, didn’t think it through far enough. Here’s Mandatory’s ranked list of the absolute worst MC gang names ever.

8. Toad Suckers

If anyone knows their Arkansas state history, where the community of Toad Suck is located, they might remember the origin of the name, harkening to the rivermen of old who would frequent a local tavern and “suck the bottle ‘til they swelled up like toads.” That’s all fine and dandy for a Jeopardy question, but it doesn’t score many points for an outlaw biker gang’s much-needed “badassery.”

7. Sore Butt Crew

Referencing the astounding number of miles they log annually, this nomad MC (constantly roaming, they don’t have a specific “home”) thought they were winning the OG road warrior battle. Not!

6. Pain and Surfing

That’s not a typo—at least not by us! Rumor has it that’s exactly how the name was spelled on their cuts (motorcycle club/gang vests) and nobody noticed the glaring mistake (or was too afraid to point it out) until it was too late—at a large rally with many other MCs.

5. Skidmarkz

Road, rubber, burn-outs. It’s pretty obvious what they were going for. But the image the name conjures up is far more cringe than scream.

4. The Bleeders

This all-women outlaw biker gang, one of just a handful in the MC universe, chose the name “The Breeders” for obvious reasons. How it got bumfuzzled to a less-than-flattering moniker is anyone’s guess.

3. The Pricks

For this MC based somewhere in the American Southwest, rumored to have begun as a charter belonging to a major international outlaw club, the name change definitely didn’t do them justice. The cactus imagery logo could be cool but still…no.

2. Dead Beavers

Hidden meanings can be effective, provided people understand the context. When a group of wanna-be one-percenters formed a club in Oregon, they chose a name that supposedly represents bad juju in that part of the country. Problem is, the vast majority of people are clueless. They see “dead beaver” and think roadkill, a deceased creature floating in a lake, or a very unflattering term for a woman’s “nether region.”

1. STDs

Acronyms work, until they don’t. When cast-out bikers from other outlaw MCs got together and formed a new club, the Street Thunder Demons, they had an artist design a kickass logo—a winged demon emerging from a thunder cloud, holding chunks of asphalt in its clenched fists. Unfortunately, the logo was so large and detailed, it didn’t fit properly on the bikers’ cuts, requiring the club’s name to be reduced to an acronym—an acronym that caused fear and discomfort for all the wrong reasons.

Cover Photo: NBC